Maddy Hague | Graphic Design, Art Direction, and Styling


Sleep Number Instagram

Sleep Number Instagram

As the lead social media designer at Sleep Number, I developed the overall creative direction for the Instagram platform. Because of budget and timing concerns, only a few of the early Instagram creatives were shot in a studio with a freelance photo and styling team. Because of my background in photography and styling, we opted to work in a scrappy manner, and I took over art direction, styling and photography duties for the channel.

Our primary challenge on Instagram is how to deliver interesting creative that continuously feels fresh despite using sleep and health related facts that tend to have a lot of overlap. The concepts must also be fun, never judging or condescending, and visually compelling because of the nature of the platform. To stay relevant to conversations happening on the platform that may not relate directly to Sleep Number, particularly around holidays and other notable events, we find branded ways to join in the discussion, often by using the opportunity to craft our logo out of unexpected materials.

The Instagram channel workload is currently split with another designer, but the above samples reflect my work.

First four creatives: Art Direction by Maddy Hague, Photography by Delaney Photography, Styling by Kirki Schultz. All other creatives: Art Direction, Photography, and Styling by Maddy Hague.