Maddy Hague | Graphic Design, Art Direction, and Styling


Target Baby Catalog 2011

Target Baby Catalog 2011

As an art director and the lead graphic designer on the 2011 Target Baby Catalog, I helped guide the book towards the new marketing direction for Baby in-store signage. Pairing bright, natural light looks with human, "lived in" sets, the photo style is friendly and approachable in an effort to make Mom-to-Be feel more excited and less overwhelmed about the process of registering.

I developed a system that was soft and sweet to suit the department, picking up the use of Archer throughout the catalog for headline and product name copy, as well as incorporating ribbon "bookmarks" inspired by storybooks and hairline weight divider lines that looked like ric-rac ribbon. 

The book was divided into sections by baby age so that the registrant knew when she'd likely need each product. To help Mom-to-Be find the sections at a glance, each section was color coded with a thin strip on the side, which was visible on the edge of the paper when the book was closed.

Photography by Kim Cornelison, Michael Haug, and Earl Kendall, Styling by David Anger, Kirki Schultz, and Gerald Kollodge, Photo Concepts and Art Direction by Maddy Hague.