Splendid Supply Co. Branding

Splendid Supply Co. is a boutique party and office supply line I developed based on my nesting blog, Somewhere Splendid. The branding inspiration was picked up from mid-century industrial supply forms to give it the vintage meets modern feel that represents the line's ability to work in all types of homes and party themes. To keep it feeling celebratory and to soften the aesthetic up, gold is strategically introduced into the black and white color palette in key places.

I developed the photo style and branding to play off a bright white, minimalistic look that would draw focus to the highlighted products. Props are always either white, gold, or black so they blend into the background and create visual texture. Kraft packaging is often used for products to bring in the gold tones while also giving a nod to the original industrial inspiration. The website is white and type driven, referencing the industrial forms as well, which helps immediately draw focus to large, often centrally located photographs of the products.

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